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Logistics of a Client Session

Whether you are having a vision session, a dream session, or an energy coaching session with me, I'd like you to be aware of some of the basic logistics of us working together. This way you'll know what to expect. Since I kept getting the same questions from clients and prospective clients about topics I had thought were obvious, I put this page together to address those. Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see here that I left out!

Agreement Form
Before your first session, I'd appreciate some details about your current situation, especially what you see as problems or obstacles, so that I can better help you. Please follow one of these links to the appropriate form for your type of session, and fill it out. Note I only need one of these from you, not all three!
Coaching Client Agreement Form
Vision Client Agreement Form
Dream Client Agreement Form
After you complete the form, clicking on the "Agree and Submit" button at the bottom will send it to me automatically. I'll respond soon afterwards to schedule your session.

I want to assure you that our sessions together are completely confidential. I do not share what I hear from you with anyone else, ever. The single exception is if I think you might be considering hurting yourself or someone else. In this case I am required by law to notify the authorities, for your own good.

Session Preparation
For a distance session with me via Skype, Zoom, or phone, please make sure you will have a quiet private space where you'll be able to concentrate on yourself, and not be interrupted. In addition to a peaceful space for our work together, you may want to have a glass or bottle of water handy. Drinking water helps the energy move through your body more easily, and supports the work we do. You might also consider having a notepad and pen at hand to jot down any insights you receive.

Recording Your Session
If you wish and for no extra cost, I can make an audio recording of your session and provide this afterwards for you. Some clients like this, since it means they have to take fewer notes. Also, if we are doing EFT together, you can tap again (and again!) when listening to the recording. I'll need your permission to record your session. Even if you have already said you want this on the agreement form, I'll ask again at the start of our session, making sure I have your verbal consent.

Note that I do not keep these recordings myself, and I won't even have a recording of your session in the first place if you didn't want one. I'll provide you with a link to the recording after your session, give you a week to copy it for yourself, then delete my own copy. You may want to make 2 copies on different drives for yourself, since once I've deleted my own copy there will be no way to retrieve the file if anything happens to yours.

Session Payment
Payment is required prior to your session. If we meet face to face, you can give me cash or a personal check before we start. For distance sessions, payment can be made by PayPal, or your debit or credit card. You can do this easily on the Session Payment page. Thank you!

Session or Package Expiration Criteria
Most people will schedule single sessions soon after purchase, and package sessions for every week or every other week until they are all used. However, everyone is busy, and sometimes people forget to book their sessions. Since I won't keep these pending sessions on my records indefinitely, here is the expiration criteria. If you are close to your deadline, I'll send you an email about it, but it is your responsibility to schedule your sessions with me before they expire.

Hour-long session - Must be held within a month after payment
Package of 3 hour-long sessions - Final session must be held within 3 months after payment
Package of 12 hour-long sessions - Final session must be held within 1 year after payment

Client Support
Support is available for clients with any follow-up questions after a session. Click here to send me an email if you don't have my address handy. Enter your name and your email (not mine!) on the form, then type your message. Hitting the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form sends it to me automatically. I'll respond soon afterwards. It would be great to hear from you.

Of course, if you have many questions, it may be time to schedule another session!


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