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About Natural Vision Improvement

Natural Vision Improvement (NVI) is about (re-)learning to see in an easy natural way, wth no strain, as a healthy happy child does. No matter what your visual situation and how long you've had a problem, you can learn to use your eyes in a more relaxed way.

You may see immediate but temporary improvement from a vision coaching session. Permanent improvement might take longer, as you gradually implement healthier ways of using your eyes. Vision clients often report moments (or longer periods) of clearer vision, alternating with frustrating times of facing the familar blur. This is a sign of progress, your natural healthy vision starting to re-assert itself as your visual system re-calibrates.

Note that any effort to see will strain your vision, even if you feel like it makes you see better in the short term. Natural Vision Improvement involves learning to use healthy relaxed ways of seeing, the way you first used your eyes to see when you were a baby.

The healthy eye is scanning the environment constantly, while glasses lock your gaze into a fixed position. Just like sitting immobile for hours is not good for your body, forcing your eyes not to move is not good for your visual system! Natural vision clients re-learn to easily move their visual focus in a healthy way, near and far, left and right, up and down.

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