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April 2014 Dreamer Sight Newsletter

This month's picture was taken in Arizona, where I participated in an energy medicine workshop earlier this month. Being from NY, before visiting this place I had thought of the desert as sand and more sand, with maybe the occasional palm tree, a bland visually uninteresting environment. Was I wrong! The tiny delicate colorful flowers, and the abundant wildlife, from road runners to brightly-hued birds to animals like coyotes which I was glad I did not see myself, make the place a feast for the eyes. Plus the air is so dry, with no humidity haze at all, and the sun is so bright, that the visibility in the distance is stunning. The far mountains were so clear! Whatever your surroundings, please don't assume there is nothing around you to see like I did, and so tune out. Open your eyes and mind, and look!

At the end of March I took part in an EFT workshop in New England with my teacher Carol Look. As an EFT coach about to be certified by Carol myself, this was a golden opportunity for me to practice EFT and also to watch a master EFT coach exercise her skills. The title of the workshop was Tapping Into Abundance, so we did some work about wrong beliefs getting in the way of abundance. (Yes, this is a similar theme to Dr. Bates' "wrong thoughts" which can limit our vision.) Carol asked us to complete the sentence "If I'm really successful ......". My instant thought was "No one will leave me alone!". This would be a nightmare, since I so love my solitude.

As we tapped, I started getting flashes of my mother's angry face glaring at me from behind her glasses -- no wonder I wanted to be left alone! Did I dare "go there" where it was so frightening, and tap on this more now, or maybe later by myself? I could try "She was big and scary and I was so little", then tap tap tap. Or even "She was the predator and I was the prey" as I kept tapping to loosen my false belief that I wasn't safe now.

I did "brave up" as my dream teacher likes to say, and could feel this conviction about only being safe alone softening as I continued to tap. A big factor is that now I have the power to say "No, I don't want to be with you at the moment", which I could not say to my mother when I was a child. If I'm wildly successful as a coach, people will want to be with me and work with me, which is a good thing! I did see myself reaching out more than usual to others at the energy medicine workshop a week later, so I believe tapping on this subject with Carol made a difference for me, and plan to do more of it.

A client wondered why she often dreams of sitting at a table with someone. My answer to her: Standard dictionaries of dream imagery are limited, since different people will have different connections with the same symbol. It's more useful to create a personal set of dream symbols, ones which apply specifically to your dreams. Maybe the table was where you had to sit and be silent as a child when your parents argued, while your stomach was churning. Or maybe the kitchen table was where the female family members talked over Life and how to handle it with your wise mother. What does sitting together at a table with people mean to YOU? Food, nourishment (maybe more than just physical), reaching agreement, having a disagreement and reaching an impasse, the announcement of big news (good or bad), what?

Also look at your own role in the dream, head of the committee or subservient scared child or something else. Become your own dream detective! No one knows you and your history and feelings better than you do.

More EFT
Before the energy medicine workshop started a week ago, a fellow student approached me about a friend who had come with her, asking if EFT could help her friend's extreme ear stuffiness from the plane trip. She might not be able to hear the teacher, at her very first workshop! We started to tap on this, and when it didn't budge after 2 tapping rounds, I knew the plane rides and "other people's germs" wasn't the real issue. I asked exactly when the stuffiness had started. It was when she had landed in a warm humid environment to change planes, coming from her still wintry cold home state, and was "invaded" by all that foreign pollen -- she did not feel safe! One round of "I don't feel safe!", "I'm being invaded!" etc. and her stress number started dropping like a rock, with her ears completely clear soon after. Sometimes EFT seems like magic!

What's coming up for me
At the end of Aprl I'll be part of an EFT Mastermind weekend with Carol Look, where I'll also be graduating from her year-long coaching program. I'm looking forward to the time with Carol, with my personal coach and Carol's other coaches, and with my fellow students. I'm sure there will be a lot of tapping, clearing, learning, and fun! I'll give you a report in May.

I welcome your feedback
Let me know if you have questions or comments about vision or dreams or EFT, or if there is a specific topic you'd like me to address next time. I'd love to hear from you!

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