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Eyesight and Insight: Seeing more clearly, awake or asleep!

Dream Coaching Sessions

Just as your dreams are unique to you, so are the lessons I offer. There may be common themes of self-empowerment, overcoming fear, and learning to view your life and yourself in a healthy, positive way (with techniques to facilitate this). Yet each lesson will be different, and custom-tailored to what you need at the time.

For your dream lesson, we can work on (play with!) a recurring night dream you've had since childhood, a recent puzzling or frightening dream, or even a concern about not remembering your dreams. Anything related to night dreams, daydreams, life dreams ("I always wanted to ...."), or your intuition or hunches, is a perfect topic for a dream lesson!

Please note that I am a dream teacher, not a psychologist. So you may also wish to work with a mental health professional if you are deeply concerned or troubled about the content of your dreams. Any dream work or play you and I do together will be in concert with that and will only add to it.

Dream Client Agreement Form
Before your lesson, in order for me to help you better, I'd like to know a few details about the current state of your dreaming. Please follow this link to the Dream Client Agreement Form, and fill it out. Clicking on the "Agree and Submit" button at the bottom of that page will send the completed form to me automatically. I'll respond soon afterwards to schedule your session.

Dream Lesson Logistics
Please see the Session Logistics page for specifics about confidentiality, lesson preparation, payment, and support after your lesson with me.

I'm really looking forward to working with you!


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