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January 2015 Dreamer Sight Newsletter

Hello, and a joyful January, and 2015, to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above is me as a little girl, to represent this new year, and seeing "with the eyes of a child". Everything is a delight, and anything is possible!

Today's issue has 2 articles, the first on looking outside the frames of our eyeglasses, or maybe even past our limiting beliefs. The second article is on dreams, and what leads to them. Enjoy!

Vision: Looking beyond the frame
 outside the frame quote Since I got eyeglasses when I was so young, I can hardly remember a time when I wasn't wearing them. I've imagined myself as a tot, looking around curiously, eyes eagerly open to see the flowers or other visual delights. If I'm honest though, I feel like I'm making this up. I suspect I always had a myopic mindset, more interested in looking at what was happening inside my busy brain than what was in front of my eyes.

From an early age I was fascinated by words. So when I first heard "myopic" used to mean narrow-minded instead of nearsighted, I was stung. Could this be me?! Recently I glanced out a wide window with a vertical bar midway, the end of one of the panes of glass which slid sideways to open to the outside. I started to look past the bar to the far pane, then pulled my gaze back as it hit the "fence". I was more comfortable looking out of the near side of the window!

My vision is always on my mind, so I immediately thought of eyeglass frames as another way I had "boxed myself in". Where else might I be unwilling to think (or see!) outside of the box, or not reach out? I've been consciously looking past visual boundaries lately, which is kind of fun. I feel like a mischievous child getting away with something!

Look at your own behavior, or thoughts -- might you be in a rut and not even realize it? "I've always done it that way", or "That's how my parents taught me" is not necessarily a reason to continue, especially if it no longer feels good, or is leading to unwanted consequences. It's your life, and if it's not working it's your job to to fix it. Reach outside of that box you're in. Heck, reach for the stars!

For more about my personal experience with learning to look past the frames of my eyeglasses, click here to see a post I wrote on the Imagination Blindness vision improvement site.

Dreams: Hunting for the seeds of a dream
 racetrack Where do dreams come from? Sometimes it's obvious, that dream villian looking exactly like the bad guy in the TV crime drama you watched before you went to bed. Other times it's more subtle. It's endlessly fascinating to me how the human brain makes connections between events we might think are separate.

Earlier this week I received an email holiday greeting from a guy I had a big crush on in high school. That was many years ago, we never dated, and we've had nearly no contact since. That night I dreamed a loser guy I was involved with 20 years ago wanted to get back together! I knew my brain had made this link, yet the high school guy was anything but a loser. What was the connection between the successful guy I imagined dating, and the guy who was a waste of my time? Maybe my dream was telling me it was good I never got together with the high school guy, that there was some similarity between him and the guy I did date which I couldn't see. Who knows?

I invite you to examine your own dreams for what might have led to them. Does that angry person remind you of someone in your waking life? Does the flood in your dream match the feeling of overwhelm when you're awake? Often if the dream story seems strange, investigating the feelings can lead somewhere. If you're afraid in a dream, who feels like a monster to you? Your boss, maybe? Our dreams are always trying to give us clues to help us live a happier life. We just have to be a good dream detective to decipher them!

If you're interested in exploring your dreams with me, consider a Dream Coaching session. I'd love to work with you!

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