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June 2015 Newsletter

Hello, and a jubilant June to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above is me looking goofy for my camera-happy friend, while trying not to get stuck by the pricker bush behind me. Have you let yourself be silly lately?

Today's issue has 2 articles, the first on learning to enjoy gazing into the distance. The second article is about why EFT may work so well. Enjoy!

Vision: Look in the distance!
 distance view Human vision evolved to look at the horizon for predator animals, or an invading tribe. Excellent distance vision was the norm, and was necessary for survival. Today many people hardly go out-of-doors at all. For more about how being outside can help your vision see the second article in this newsletter from a month ago, next to me smiling in a striped top in the California winter sunshine.

There are many reasons why people don't regularly and automatically look into the distance. They could be absorbed in their own "figuring it out" thoughts, focused on their own mental pictures and ignoring the scenery in front of them. Think of someone walking with gaze lowered to see just ahead of their feet, perhaps with a hand to their head to unconsciously help cognition, "lost in thought".

Most nearsighted people, in my opinion, start out with good close vision. They use healthy visual habits when they read, for example, looking for small details and letting their gaze easily move around, blinking gently and often. Imagine a child "reading" a picture book. There is no strain as she examines the images, just curiosity.

However when looking in the distance, for someone sensitive or fearful, straining habits can creep in. I have to see everything at once to be safe! I can't even blink or I might miss some danger! Easy gentle scanning of the details far away starts to go by the wayside. And of course wearing minus glasses for distance vision will just reinforce these unnatural habits.

Yet poor habits can be corrected! Maya Angelou said "Once we know better, we do better". Just as a sedentary overweight person can learn to exercise and eat healthier foods, we can re-learn how to use our visual system properly for all distances. Notice your visual strain, let it go, and see all of this glorious world, both close to you and far away. Savor that panoramic view!

For my own experience learning to appreciate looking into the distance rather than being overwhelmed by it, see this article.

If you'd like to improve your own vision and your feelings about it, consider a Vision Coaching session. Wouldn't it be great to have a brighter outlook, and clearer sight?

EFT: Why does EFT work?

 EFT chin tapping EFT has been described as a combination of psychotherapy and Chinese acupuncture. You talk about your problem, while the meridian points on your face and upper body are stimulated by finger taps rather than with needles. So not only do you "get it out" verbally, you encourage the energy to move with the tapping. It doesn't stay stuck.

I think there's a lot to this. While focusing on the problem, the tapping helps to jostle it loose, so limiting beliefs like "I'll never be a success!" can move out and make way for something more positive. It's like you're freeing up the log-jam in the stream, allowing the river of your vibrant life energy to flow more freely.

An EFT round traditionally starts with a set-up statement, something along the line of "Even though I have this problem, I deeply and completely accept myself". This can be calming and reassuring. Even though I made that stupid mistake, I'm still a good person! This realization alone may be enough to start the healing. Self-criticism and self-punishment can make a bad situation worse. We're all human and fallible. Learn from it, and move on. There's nothing to be gained by beating yourself up.

EFT has been extremely effective with physical problems like headaches, backache, and healing of wounds and injuries. It's also helped with emotional issues like anxious or angry or sad feelings, helping the emotion to naturally move out of the body. The mixture of mental attention to the problem, with physical tapping, and a focus on how you feel, is the essence of mind-body medicine. No wonder EFT works so well!

If you'd like to explore EFT personally to see what it can do for you, consider an EFT Coaching session. Together you and I can have fun pinpointing beliefs which may be limiting your progress. Then we can help you start to eliminate them.

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