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Mid-August 2015 Newsletter

Hello, and an absolutely super mid-August to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above is cropped from a group of my fellow energy medicine students. I like it because I can see the scholar in myself, so eager to keep learning. I hope you are learning somethng which gives you pleasure too.

Today's issue has 2 articles, the first with some tips on the classic vision exercise of palming. The second article is on EFT helping a woman let go of a fearful child habit. Enjoy!

Vision: Answering a palming question
 palming Palming is one of the easiest, most beneficial practices for relaxing your eyes and mind. It was in use thousands of years before Dr. Bates and his foundational vision improvement work in the early 20th century. If you're unfamiliar with palming, you can learn about it here.

Even though palming is simple, we can complicate it, especially if we're prone to anxiety, or trying too hard to be perfect. Palming is supposed to be relaxing, not a source of more strain! Someone recently asked about the correct posture, as his neck and shoulders get sore, and his back starts curving. This would make me not want to palm at all!

First, your spine should be straight and vertical as you sit in your chair, facing a desk or table. Not rigid like a soldier undergoing an inspection, just easily relaxed. Let your arms hang down as you sit there, making sure your head is over your shoulders which are over your hips. Now put your elbows on the desk, keeping your shoulders relaxed. You may have to adjust the height of the chair up or down, and/or put a pillow on the desk, to find a posture which feels aligned to you.

Turn your palms to face you, and see if you can rest your head in your hands with your eyes covered, like in the photo. Do you still need to adjust the chair height, or get another pillow? If you have to raise your shoulders, the desk is too high. Nor do you want to be leaning forward over a low desk. Your hands are supporting your head, but not your entire upper torso! Your spine should remain vertical.

Once you've found a comfortable posture, rest in it, enjoying the blackness. Your eyes don't have to see anything right now -- this is their well-deserved downtime. Like proper form in the gym, having good sitting posture when you palm will help you get the most out of it. Take the time to arrange this for yourself, so you can fully relax. Think of it like tucking a child into bed and making sure she's comfortable, so she'll sleep really well.

Feel free to play with palming, finding whether your eyes appreciate it, or not. It just might become your new favorite healthy habit!

If you'd like to learn how to relax your own visual system and to see more clearly, consider a Vision Coaching session. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have seeing be pleasurable instead of a struggle?

EFT: How old are you when you're afraid?
 fearful child A client recently shared a concern about presenting herself to her professional colleagues. She has plenty of experience in her field and a growing list of satisfied clients she's helped. Yet when she has to talk about her business and herself as a practitioner, she stumbles over her words. She fears everyone else is more qualified than she is, in a specialty she knows more about than almost all of them!

We did some exploratory tapping: "Even though I know more than they do about my area of expertise, I am anxious anyway". As we were tapping, I got an intuitive hit and then said "In facing another professional, I feel like a frightened child!". I could see her strong reaction. I stayed with statements like "I'm so little and they're so big!" for a bit, then switched to "I'm an experienced professional, and new people are interested to hear about my work". Her posture relaxed and became more confident.

In our discussion after the tapping, I pointed out that "I feel like a frightened child" had started turning the corner for her. That was how she felt, and acknowledging it while she tapped on the meridian points allowed the outdated stuck emotion to start moving away from her body and energy field. I don't think any amount of affirmations about how skilled she was, although true, could have made this kind of difference.

When we're intimidated or even bullied as children, if we don't have support to deal with the painful feelings, they get stuffed down into our body and nervous system. These mini-traumas become like a pile of papers in the middle of the living room we keep tripping over -- every time we're with someone who appears powerful we are re-triggered to feel those childhood feelings of powerlessness. Better to do some EFT to clean up that pile of papers for good so you can walk around your space freely!

If you're unfamiliar with EFT, you'll find a brief overview here, so you can learn more about it.

If you'd like to release some childhood beliefs which are negatively affecting your adult life, consider an EFT Coaching session. Together we can untangle your past from your present, to help you live more fully in the Here and Now.

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