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Mid-December 2014 Dreamer Sight Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous middle of December to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me relaxing in a tropical setting, before a workshop which turned out to be full of intense learning. I chose it because it's anything but tropical now in NY, with the cold and snow here. I also want to remind us that play is as important as work. As busy as you might be this holiday season, make sure to leave some time to play!

Today's issue has 2 articles, the first on those pesky visual floaters. The second article is on dreams which give guidance you may not have known you needed. Enjoy!

Vision: What can I do about those annoying floaters?
 visual floaters Many people have asked me about their visual floaters, those small particles drifting around in front of their sight, like lazy gnats or little threads. They may be more noticeable when looking at a blank wall. They seem random, increasing or decreasing without any apparent cause.

If you ask an eye doctor about floaters, you'll probably be told they're harmless, and that nothing can be done about them. Yes, and no! While floaters are common and usually do not mean vision is deteriorating, there are a few simple healthy practices which might help.

I like to think of floaters as visual "sludge", debris that's not needed. Is it possible you are not resting enough, or drinking enough water, or eating healthy foods, and your body is accumulating clutter which is showing up in your vision? Or might you be building up energetic toxicity, with some feelings you don't want to face, or a situation in your life you don't want to see? Some wiser objective part of you knows the cause behind your floaters, and if you get quiet and make some time for self-reflection, you'll likely have a helpful insight about this.

For a more detailed article I wrote about floaters on the Imagination Blindness vision improvement website, click here.

Dreams: Unasked-for guidance from a dream
 racetrack In one of my favorite dreams from several years ago, a sad little girl brought me her broken doll to fix. The doll's head was lolling askew, and one jewel-bright purple eye was dangling out of its socket. I took this dream to mean that as a child I did not know how to fix my defective vision (what my mother called my "bad eyes"), and now as an adult I do. This dream gave me motivation and encouragement for my own vision improvement practice when I sorely needed it.

A few days ago I asked for a dream to use for this newsletter. I hoped that whatever showed up, I would learn from it and it would also be instructive to others. That night I dreamed about runners, dashing around and around a walled-in circle, with no apparent destination. Hmm... In this over-busy holiday season, I am certainly guilty of trying to do too much (often frantically) and of resting too little, "spinning my wheels". This dream gave me more than I expected. My plan now is for a leisurely enjoyable holiday, and I wish you the same.

I encourage you to pay a bit more attention to your own dreams. Perhaps you're looking for help with an unpleasant job, or a health or relationship challenge. Your dreams could very well provide an answer, or at least a different viewpoint. When your body is asleep, your subconscious is still working -- why not reap the benefit of that free wisdom?

For more about the racetrack dream I didn't expect, but needed, click here.

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