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Mid-December 2015 Newsletter

Hello, and a delightful Mid-December to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. In the photo above I'm sitting in an energy medicine workshop, eager to learn, surrounded by fellow students I've grown to love. I hope you are doing something which feeds your spirit with people you care about, too.

Today's issue has an article on expecting to see something different. Enjoy!

Looking For The Unexpected
 rainbow from Hawaii hotel room When I was a child I used to love those visual puzzles which asked you to find what didn't fit, in an otherwise normal scene. What's wrong with this picture? It might be a dog sitting high up on the branch of a tree, or 2 flags waving in different directions as if the wind was blowing 2 ways at once, or the shadow of a house on the same side as the sun instead of on the opposite side. These were a lot of fun!

As I got older and my eyeglasses got thicker, I stopped looking with such interest and curiosity, I hate to say. Now years later as I've improved my vision and learned to do without glasses, I am also re-learning to look with excitement and delight at my surroundings. This is true no matter where I am, inside or outside. Even if some environments appear more visually simulating than others, my attitude when I look is my choice. There is always something unusual to inspect.

One of the main principles of vision improvement, as taught by its founder Dr. Bates over 100 years ago, is that most of vision is in the brain, not in the eyes. He emphasized the role of memory and imagination in helping to gain clearer sight. I've noticed that being excited about something I'm looking at, while imagining it clearer, seems to engage my brain in a way that makes it actually appear clearer. This feels like magic!

From my energy medicine studies, this makes sense to me. If I'm discouraged, thinking I can't see well, my energy will be low and sludgy. If I'm excited about how well I'm seeing, it seems to charge up the visual energy so I see even better. If "the rich get richer", why not feel and act like a visually wealthy person?

I've always been an optimist, and I love that the root part of this word has to do with vision. "Look on the bright side of Life!". People often heal faster from diseases and injuries when they're happy and optimistic. I believe this is even more true of healing from visual restrictions. See yourself seeing more clearly, interested in looking, absorbed in taking in the scene before you. Look "with the eyes of a child", with wonder and awe, and you just might find a clearer view looking back at you.

You can read more about revving up your visual system by looking curiously and with interested attention here.

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