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Mid-March 2016 Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous Mid-March to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue has an article on assigning meaning to random events, and how that may restrict your view. Enjoy!

What did you make it mean?
 colored dice  Stuff happens. You run out of gas driving to an important meeting, or spill the last carton of juice on the floor. Sometimes it feels like we're going forward with the best intentions, then some impish trickster totally derails our plans. Are we being singled out for "bad luck", or is this just the normal dings of a full life that happen to everyone?

Several of my teachers have pointed out the importance of choosing our attitude, especially when things go "wrong". I can feel picked-on by Life, telling myself a Poor Me story of how "Things are never easy for me!". Or I can look for the learning and the silver lining, seeing the unexpected situation as a challenge to help me strengthen my coping muscles. And after I get through it, and maybe even turn lead into gold, I can look back and see that the circumstance might have slowed me down, but it didn't stop me!

One of my favorite energy-shifting modalities is EFT, commonly referred to as "tapping". (If you're unfamililar with EFT, you can see a brief description of it here.) It's common at the start of an EFT round to be deep in the emotion of being mistreated. "I can't believe he did that awful thing to me!" we wail, as we rant and tap. Then as we release our negative feelings, we often gain a wider perspective. Maybe the oppressor was distracted, and literally did not know what he was doing -- it usually wasn't a targeted personal attack. We just happened to be "in the wrong place at the wrong time".

A caution: novice EFT-ers often are so impressed with the power of this tool, they jump right to the result they want without admitting their painful feelings. If you've just lost your job, and try tapping on "everything always goes right for me", it's likely that part of you doesn't believe this. As my EFT teacher Carol Look says, the positive statements have no place to land. Better to tap first on your real feelings, like maybe "That was so unfair to fire me! I was a hard worker!". Then only after your negative feelings are cleared, you can move to the positive and it will have more of an effect.

So are you rolling the dice in your life, then bracing yourself for disaster? Or are you telling yourself, "Whatever shows up, I can handle it!". Often when I'm triggered and feel powerless, I realize it's an old feeling from when I was a relatively powerless child, and didn't have as many choices or as much support as I do now. If I clear the overwhelmed feeling with EFT or some other tool, I realize that I can indeed handle the situation. You can too -- believe in yourself!

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