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Mid-September 2021 Newsletter

Hello, and a magical super-duper Mid-September to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. Today's issue is about how thoughts may affect your experiences. Enjoy!

What you think, what you experience
 cartoon of being pushed When I was growing up in thick eyeglasses, then thick hard plastic contact lenses, I often dreamed about being attacked or chased or trapped. In working with these dreams many years later, I realized I did indeed feel trapped by the strong prescription in front of my eyes, as well as attacked by a controlling parent and a boss or two. Was my thought that I was a victim perpetuating this dynamic?

The Law of Attraction, as popularized by the movie The Secret, suggests we focus our minds on positive thoughts and feelings, then we'll attract those kinds of experiences into our lives. This sounds too easy! How do we let go of the worry about our problems to be able to "think positive"? Maybe the Law of Attraction over-simplifies the process. It might make more sense to be just a little more positive, to nudge our attitude slightly toward more happiness.

 transforming can't to can When people learn to improve their vision, they often need to be challenged to realize they are not "blind without my glasses". Maybe the view is more blurry at the start, yet they can see some large details, or colors, fine. Building on a small success will encourage us to tackle something a bit more challenging. At first I could only drive without my glasses comfortably when going 5mph or less, like crawling through a construction zone. And this still felt like a major victory to me.

Again, the thought of "I'm driving confidently without my glasses!" thrilled me, leading me to an experience of joy and of wanting to continue to improve. If instead I'd criticized myself for wanting to put my glasses back on when I sped up to drive in normal traffic, I'd have felt discouraged, maybe even hopeless about my vision, rather than enthusiastic and looking forward to further progress.

 high five My EFT teacher Carol Look is holding a series of classes on abundance, which she says is about having a feeling of plenty, not about how much money is in your pocket. She'll have 5 more live sessions, with recordings of everything, plus some audio bonuses too. You can check out the details here. In our first class 2 days ago I was struck by examples of how thoughts like "I always have to struggle for what I want" or "I'm not appreciated for all I do" can then become the person's reality.

The New Age philosophy of "What I think, I create", can turn people off. It's hard to be optimistic if you're in pain or have big problems. And I do believe going over and over your troubles like a broken record can keep you in that misery longer than necessary. If you can find something to be happy about, even for a few minutes, whether it's a child's smile or the warm bright sunshine, it feels better, and it may turn your experience in a more positive direction too. Just thinking "My life is getting better" can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

For an article on how clear sight can be encouraged with a positive attitude, click here.

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