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October 2015 Newsletter

Hello, and an outstanding October to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me looking skyward, because my photographer friend told me to. I like the expression of anticipation on my face.

Today's issue has an article on EFT helping me with an old fear about my vision. Enjoy!

EFT: Lessening a fear about my vision
 cartoon image of being scared EFT, often referred to as "tapping", has shown great success with reducing and eliminating phobias and groundless fears. (If you're unfamiliar with EFT, you'll find a brief overview here, so you can learn more about it and how it could help you.)

With my history of strong nearsightedness, and getting thicker eyeglasses once or twice a year all throughout my childhood, it's no surprise I've had a big fear of suddenly not being able to see. When I was little, I practiced walking around the house with my eyes closed, trying to memorize the location of the furniture. Since my vision seemed to keep getting worse, I thought I might wake up one day with it gone completely! I wanted to prepare for this as best I could.

When I started vision improvement, the natural fluctuations in the clarity of my eyesight alarmed me more than they should have, because of this old fear. My vision would get temporarily worse, and I'd be afraid it would never get better again. This wasn't logical, which meant it was perfect for EFT, if I'd known about EFT then. I could have tapped on "Even though I think my vision will never be good enough to drive without glasses..." and tap, tap, tap. I did reduce this fear with other means enough that I now drive in daylight without glasses, but I'll bet I would have gotten here a lot faster using EFT!

One place this fear of suddenly losing my sight can still show up is when I'm driving and the weather changes. If a cloud covers the sun, or it starts raining, most people realize the visual conditions are more challenging, and (I hope!) reduce their speed and pay closer attention. Yet even though I've taken many long drives in rainy weather, I can still feel myself get anxious when the visibility gets worse.

Since this is an old deep pattern for me, I have to keep tapping on it to get all the layers to lift and leave. I can tell it's lessened -- what used to feel like a spike of sheer panic is now more like mild worry. The last time I tapped on this issue (it's different every time), I threw in some common sense, and humor, which always help move me toward seeing things rationally. "In the pouring rain, the tractor trailers pull over to the side and wait it out, so I can too" and tap, tap, tap. "I have better visual habits than most people with glasses, and would react calmly behind the wheel even if we had a sudden eclipse!" and tap, tap, tap.

EFT has cleared some issues very quickly, giving rise to the stories about "one-minute wonders", which can mislead people into thinking it can cure anything instantly. Maybe, and maybe it will take more persistence. If it's a deep issue with several components, you may need to tap on each one individually. I plan to address the irrational fear of not being able to see with my EFT coach next week, and expect her perspective to move me forward even further.

If you'd like to reduce or eliminate some unreasonable fears of your own, consider an EFT Coaching session. You're no longer a powerless child, and we can explore some techniques to help you remember your power when you feel overwhelmed.

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