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End of October 2014 Dreamer Sight Newsletter

Hello, and a fantastic final week of October to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above is myself and a dear friend from another continent embracing, with me near tears because I see her so seldom and love her so much. I hope you have close friends who open your heart too.

Today's issue has 2 articles, one with a mainstream eye doctor supporting natural vision improvement, and one about using EFT to calm yourself before an important event. Enjoy!

Vision: Magazine article about my natural eye doctor and a bit about me
Glasses flying away Many of you may be like I was, healthy in most areas, with one glaring exception. With me it was my vision. I was thrilled when I discovered that I could improve my eyesight. A reporter from a local magazine contacted me recently -- she was writing about my holistic eye doctor, and also wanted to interview one of his "success stories".

My eye doctor says here that an individual approach to healing vision is often needed, as not everyone developed vision problems for the same reason. In my energy medicine studies I've found this to be true for other kinds of healing too. It's why I think a personal coach (vision or otherwise) can be so useful, someone who really gets to know your specific issues.

The interviewer did an excellent job of summarizing my story, and of how reaching out both visually and socially have been challenges for me. Feel free to share this -- a "real eye doctor" says vision can be improved! Spread the good news! You'll find the entire article here.

EFT: Can I use EFT to prepare for that big event?
performance anxiety If you have a performance coming up, whether it be speaking to a group or a sports performance or getting your vision tested in the eye doctor's office, EFT can help. You can tap on any EFT point you happen to prefer, perhaps at the inner end of either eyebrow above your nose, while saying the truth: "I'm nervous about this. I'm afraid I won't do well". This alone may be enough to start releasing that energy of tension and worry.

You might wonder "Won't I just be reinforcing the negative and driving it deeper?". No! Pretending you're not nervous when you are isn't the way to calm yourself. You are merely voicing What Is instead of hiding from it. Then it's free to leave -- if you fight it, it will stick around trying to get your attention and be acknowledged.

In the early days of EFT they only tapped on "the negative" (really, the truth!), and got wonderful results. Later, they added affirmation statements like "I see myself giving a relaxed entertaining speech". Many folks new to EFT jump to the positive too fast before they've cleared the negative, then think EFT doesn't work. It does work if you're honest about what you feel. If you're still nervous after a round of tapping, say so!

If you're unfamiliar with EFT, you'll find a brief description here, so you can learn a little more about it.

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