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July 2014 Dreamer Sight Newsletter

Hello, and joyous July!
Welcome back to my monthly newsletter if you are a "regular", and a special welcome if you are new. You'll read about my passions and my work here, helping folks with their vision (much more than merely eyesight!), their dreams, and coaching them toward more abundance in their lives. Enjoy, and feel free to send me feedback. I'd love to hear from you.

A dream about eyes
A recent dream showed me clearly how our energy and feelings affect our eyes. You can read more about that here.

Vision and light
In the Northern Hemispere where I live, this past month was the time of most daylight. Even on a very busy work day, I made a point to get outdoors for at least a short walk, letting my eyes open wide, drinking in the colors and vivid views. I've written before that Light is food for the visual system, and I admit I sometimes feel like a glutton, wanting more and more. Let there be Light!

This month's picture was taken in Arizona in early June, at an energy medicine workshop. I graduated from the top level of Deborah King's LifeForce Coaching program then (hooray!), and also practiced some advanced healing techniques. Yet the abundant bright sunlight in that desert environment may have been my favorite part of the trip. My eyes and spirit loved it -- I could feel my energy lifting whenever I went outdoors.

So are you getting enough sunlight nourishment, to keep your eyes and brain well-fed? Especially if you're in the Southern Hemisphere where it's the time of least light now, this is very important for your visual health, and will also help your mood. Here is a post I wrote last November when our light was waning, with more on this.

EFT helps with my travel anxiety
In a session a few weeks ago with my EFT coach, we discussed my being nervous about an upcoming train trip to NYC, where I'll then have to change trains and continue on to my final destination in Connecticut. I've had many dreams, for many years, of missing a train or getting on a train going in the wrong direction, so this future experience is really "pushing my buttons". As the oldest child in my family, I often felt like I had responsibilities far beyond my capabilties, and had to do my many tasks without much guidance, since my younger siblings needed the help more. So this train trip is also bringing up that feeling of being an overwhelmed confused child, in way over my head but having to keep going anyway, filled with anxiety.

My coach and I tapped on "I didn't have much help back then, but I have a lot of resources now" and "I'm the strong adult who can keep Little Nancy safe". I could feel the energy moving in my body, with some yawning and a great feeling of relief. Afterward I was much less afraid about the trip, just seeing it as one more task that needed to be understood, planned, and accomplished.

In the workshops with my energy medicine teacher Deborah King, when interacting with a client on stage, she sometimes performs what she calls an Inner Child Rescue. Deborah does this when the adult client is remembering a much-earlier trauma, a time when as a child he or she did not feel safe. Deborah comforts the child, and helps the adult client understand how to be the one to keep the child safe now. I always cry when watching these sessions, remembering how it felt to be a frightened child myself. This EFT session with my coach seemed like a similar sort of healing, about much more than catching or missing a train! It was very powerful for me and I am grateful.

If you're unfamiliar with EFT, you'll find a brief description here, so you can better understand its power.

Vision improvement for children
A parent contacted me last month concerned that her young son might need eyeglasses. She wanted to know if my work would help him avoid glasses, and how fast he would improve. Following is some of what I wrote to her.

There is no formula for vision improvement, although the younger the person, the quicker they usually progress. This is especialy true if the child hasn't worn eyeglasses, which tend to lock in the unconscious strain. And then the child may need even stronger glasses a year or so later. Some people make fast progress. For others it is slower.

Often children develop vision "problems" when they are just overwhelmed, and literally don't want to see a situation they can't figure out how to deal with. This could be a challenging school environment or something at home. I'd encourage your son to think about seeing as fun and play, focusing on colors and interesting shapes and textures, rather than as work and straining and trying to "get ahead" in school. Also spending time outside instead of being intently focused on a computer, or playing some simple game with a ball, tossing it and catching it, is great for children's vision. Vision is meant to be enjoyable, not work! Overall, make sure he is calm and happy. Anxiety can make vision worse, leading a child to pull away from the world in self-protection, including pulling in his vision.

What's next for me?
It's summer here now in NY, students are out of school, and many people are on vacation. I will also be taking a break from my usual busy schedule and from travel. I am especially looking forward to catching up on some leisure reading!

Early in August I'll be participating in an energy medicine workshop not too far from here, where I'm looking forward to seeing my teacher and my fellow student colleagues to practice our healing techniques. After this I'm hoping to spend most of August relaxing, before the busy "back to school!" month of September begins.

Fee increase coming very soon
With my new certifications as Abundance Coach (from Carol Look), and LifeForce Coach Level III (from Deborah King), my fees for client sessions and session packages will go up slightly in the second week of July. If you've been thinking about booking a coaching session with me, this would be a good time! See the links near the top of the page, just below the one to my website, to do so. I'd love to work with you and hear your story.

I welcome your comments and questions
Let me know what you're curious about regarding vision or dreams or EFT, or if there is a specific topic you'd like me to focus on next month. If you have a friend who'd benefit from this newsletter, feel free to pass it along, and send me their email so they'll be sure to get next month's issue. I'd be delighted to hear from you. Enjoy your July!

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