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June 2014 Dreamer Sight Newsletter

Hello and happy June!
Welcome back to my monthly newsletter if you are a "regular", and a special welcome if you are new. You'll read about my passions and my work here, helping folks with their dreams and their vision, and coaching them toward more abundance in their lives. Enjoy, and feel free to send me feedback. I'd love to hear from you!

In a recent dream I'm with a group of my energy medicine friends, visiting a college to interact with the enthusiastic young students. We feel like a team of diplomats, building a bridge of communication between the generations. I ask one student what he's studying. Full of excitement, he tells me about a project on human behavior in oppressed groups. As I'm walking away, one of my colleagues calls to me, wanting me to see an unusual rock formation outside the window. It has streams of water trickling down over it, and a few statues of robed figures carved out of the rock face. It's like a sacred shrine and we stand there silently in awe.

This month's picture is of me in an intense discussion with one of my favorite teachers. To me learning and teaching are intertwined, and the best teachers are still learning, constantly. I've had many dreams of classrooms, either as a student or as a teacher. I like this one, which seems to be saying the eager motivated younger generation is now ready to learn about energy medicine and natural healing, and that my colleagues and I are ready to start passing on our knowledge. What might you be studying, or teaching, in your dreams?

Gratitude and Vision
For a few years now I've had a nightly gratitude practice with 2 close friends. We each send an email to the others acknowledging what went right that day. It might be merely sunshine after a long stretch of rain, or the smile of a baby in the supermarket, or something bigger like an unexpected check arriving in the mail.

Just noting what I'm grateful for seems to increase the things on my gratitude list the next day! Both my energy medicine teacher Deborah King and my Abundance Coaching EFT teacher Carol Look have repeatedly stressed the power of gratitude. Being grateful for the money you have is more likely to bring increased income than grumbling about why you don't have enough. And it feels better!

One of the major areas of my life I'm always grateful for is my healthy clear vision. For many years I saw my nearsightedness as a defect -- when focusing on it I'd get depressed. So I didn't think about it much. Now there is evidence all around me of how much I can see, and how well I can see it. Whether it's vibrant green foliage in the sunshine, or the soft sparkle of raindrops, my visual system so appreciates being able to receive this input and interpret it correctly! Send some gratitude to your own eyes and brain for the gift of your sight today.

In my first full month as an EFT Abundance Coach, with my recent certification from my teacher Carol Look, I've had some interesting client sessions, as well as sessions with my own coach. EFT is so powerful! I'm constantly surprised at the results from clearing stuck emotions and allowing a person's energy to flow freely.

One client I worked with was quite anxious about an upcoming public appearance. After our EFT session, she was looking forward to it! And in my never-ending work on myself, I'm coming to see I've tied a great deal of my self-worth to "getting the right answer", ignoring or discounting my compassion and empathy. These are 2 essential qualities of any good coach or teacher! An EFT session with one of my own coaches helped me loosen this self-limiting belief, so I now know that I can speak and teach from my heart as well as my brain.

If you're unfamilir with EFT, you'll find a brief description here, so you can better understand its power.

More On Dreaming
Earlier this month I was jolted awake by a shout in my ear. This was an intensely realistic dream snippet of a voice, possibly my own, yelling "...BUSY!" at me. I was so startled I couldn't think clearly right away, then was curious about what this meant. My dream teacher Robert Moss often says "Don't dismiss a dream fragment!", that a great deal of wisdom can be mined from following such a small bread crumb as the image of a face, or a wisp of melody or color. So I put my dream detective cap on, noting if the voice was mine, some part of me already knows the answer. Why did I need to scare myself? I was reminded of harsh demands or orders or criticism from authorities in my past, which might have gotten results in the short-term, but did not feel good and certainly did not foster our relationship. I don't want to motivate myself this way now!

Another thought this prompted is on dream intentions. We are sending out unconscious intentions all the time, for outcomes we desire or fear, for ourselves or for people we wish well, or ill. So maybe this was an answer to a question I hadn't realized I was asking. Hmm... Now I'm also thinking of my ongoing desire to continue improving my vision, and to be emotionally calm enough to maintain a consistent level of acuity. So maybe to address this, some part of me screams at me "(You're too) BUSY!".

All right, I get the message. Clear vision is easy, gentle, as natural as the breeze blowing or the stream flowing downhill. I may be trying too hard, even rushing, which will slow my progress. I don't ever intend to be sedentary, yet I can be more peaceful and methodical in my vision practices. Being less frantic and doing one thing at a time will help not only my vision, but the rest of my life too. Thank you for this dream guidance!

What's next for me
Early in June I'm going to Arizona for more energy medicine training, and to graduate as a Level III LifeForce Coach certified by Deborah King. I'm excited about what new energy healing techniques I will learn, and of course about this additional coaching certification. Each practice or modality added to my healing/coaching toolkit is great for my clients, and improves my own life too. Every little bit helps!

Fee increase coming soon
My fees for client sessions and session packages will go up slightly in the first part of July. If you have been wanting to book a coaching session with me, now may be the time! See the links near the top of the page, just below the one to my website, to do so. I'd love to get together with you.

I welcome your comments and questions
Let me know what you're curious about regarding vision or dreams or EFT, or if there is a specific topic you'd like me to focus on next month. If you have a friend who'd benefit from this newsletter, feel free to pass it along, and send me their email so they'll be sure to get next month's issue. I'd enjoy hearing from you. Have a wonderful June!

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