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March 2014 Dreamer Sight Newsletter

We are finally approaching the Spring season here in NY after a long cold Winter. Birds are singing, the grass is turning green, flowers are just starting to bloom. Colorful life is everywhere for practicing relaxed joyful curious looking! A myopic vision improvement acquaintance complained recently about getting bored and straining when he looks far away. So it is difficut for him to follow the healthy vision advice to "shift from detail to detail in the distance". I told him to try shifting in the distance over longer distances, say from tree to tree. Or to do this with nearer distances, maybe 50 feet away instead of a half-mile. It's best to find an activity which slightly challenges your current level of vision (or you won't improve), yet is not so hard it overwhelms you (or you won't do it!).

For those of you not familiar with EFT or "Tapping", click here for a brief overview. In a few weeks I'll be participating in an EFT weekend workshop with my teacher Carol Look, who will also certify me as one of her Abundance Coaches soon. Since EFT is becoming a larger part of my practice, I'm looking forward to learning even more at this workshop and further refining my skills.

More Vision
This month's picture is me in California, raving to a friend with a camera about the expansive view. Many people have commented to me that their vision is clearer and sharper outdoors in natural light, which is why I look so happy here! I encourage vision improvement students to play with seeing colors and color distinctions, as a way to also improve their clarity of vision. Last Autumn I wrote this article about the topic of color vision, and appreciating the vibrant shades of Fall. The principles apply equally well to Spring colors. Every season has its own beauty!

Many times a month I dream I'm in an eating scene. This often points out how I am nourishing myself (or not!) other than with food. In a recent dream I'm sitting in a cafeteria having breakfast, when several people rush off to an activity. I tell the woman I'm with that I want to stay here and savor the meal, not hurry away and make myself stressed. I feel only slightly guilty about "being lazy". Waking up, I had to smile: my dream self is wiser than my waking self! I can indeed get too caught up in accomplishing and productivity, forgetting that leisure is equally important. Take some time to smell the flowers yourself this month!

What's coming up for me
In early April I'll be participating in a meditation workshop with my energy medicine teacher Deborah King. Deborah's meditation has greatly reduced my lifelong anxiety. This has not only helped my vision, but also my overall health and well-being. In the next newsletter I'll tell you about this adventure, as well as the EFT one mentioned above, and what I learned from each.

I welcome your comments
Last month I received some great feedback on the newsletter. If you have anything specific you would like me to write about, just send a short email to Nancy@dreamersight.com, or via the "Contact Nancy" link above. You can also send me the name and email of any friend whom you think would like to receive future newsletters. Enjoy whatever images your healthy eyes bring into your awareness. Thanks, and I'll see you next month!

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