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May 2014 Dreamer Sight Newsletter

This month's picture amuses me, since I'm "out there" speaking in public, yet also hidden in the shadows, where I am usually more comfortable. Now that the sun is so high in the sky here in NY, I'm more aware of the contrast between light and shadow than I am during the Winter months, when it can be pretty dim and gray even in midday.

The healthy eye is comfortable in and fed by natural full-spectrum sunlight. It rests and renews itself best in total darkness. The pupil in the center of the eye opens wide to let in more light when it's darker out, and closes a bit when it's bright. Paradoxically, spending time in full sunlight will help you see better after dark. You want the muscles of your pupils to be flexible and responsive, opening and closing easily, to see well in all levels of light.

Here is an article with more about light sensitivity.

At the end of April my EFT coaching teacher Carol Look hosted a graduation/mastermind weekend for her brand-new Abundance Coaches. I am so proud of this certification! It represents a year of hard work, learning, and both personal and professional growth. I saw the power of EFT repeatedly reduce or eliminate common human concerns like feeling inadequate, or overwhelmed, or unsure of the next step. Under Carol's expert guidance over the weekend, a skilled professional woman's performance anxiety was traced back to a speech she gave in 8th grade, when she hadn't prepared sufficiently! She released this with some tapping, and we could all see her personal confidence swell.

EFT is a modality which I am excited to share with my clients, to help remove roadblocks left over from their past which get in the way of their current progress. Why keep lugging around that old baggage? It may have been useful at one time, but it is only holding you back today.

Here you will find a brief description of EFT, to help you better understand its power.

Last night I dreamed I was listening to a healing teleclass on-line, when I recognized a male caller's voice. It was one of my fellow Abundance Coaching graduates from last weekend! He was speaking authoritatively about his work in guiding people through life transitions, like the death of a spouse or the loss of a long career. These were the very topics he'd mentioned during our class as wanting to focus on in his coaching.

I'll share this dream with him, and it reminds me of an important fact about dreams. They show us a possible future. If we like the scenario, we can keep steering toward it with our intention and our actions, and make it more likely to come true. If we don't, say if it seems to be a warning of a possible health problem, we can steer away from this unwanted future by taking appropriate steps. Dreams are meant as guidance -- what we do with that guidance is up to us. I'm guessing my fellow Abundance Coach will be pleased with this dream, since it feels like confirmation that he is on the right track.

More Vision
Recently I was asked how to reduce a strong eyeglasses prescription. Unfortunately, there's no accurate formula for this, since people are not machines, and emotions play such a large part in eyesight. One person may be fine for most activities with a 20/50 correction, for example, while another may be frightened and feel unsafe.

It's best to work with a behavioral optometrist to get a full eye exam and rule out any problems, then get a 20/40 pair of glasses, ideally with no astigmatism correction. You might be able to slowly step down further after this on your own, buying glasses on-line, if you start from a solid baseline.

Even most traditional old-school eye doctors will give you "computer glasses", which will be about 20/40, when they wouldn't be comfortable prescribing 20/40 distance glasses. Then you can use these to let your eyes relax more, giving them room to improve. Make sure you are safe and legal when you drive, please. See the eye doctor as a valuable resource, knowledgeable in his area of expertise and training. Don't waste your energy resenting him for not being more holistic.

What's coming up for me
At the beginning of June I'll be in Arizona for more energy medicine training, and to graduate as a Level III LifeForce Coach certified by Deborah King. I'm excited about what new energy healing techniques I may learn, and of course about this additional coaching certification. Each new practice or modality added to my healing/coaching toolkit improves my own life, and is good for my clients. Every little bit helps!

Fee increase coming soon
All my learning and practice this past year to become one of Carol Look's certified Abundance Coaches has greatly benefitted my EFT clients already. And with my upcoming certification in LifeForce Coaching Level III from Deborah King, I will be able to help my clients even more effectively. Therefore, I will be raising my fees slightly in early July. So if you have always wanted to book a coaching session with me, now may be the time! See the links near the top of the page, right below the one to my website, to do so. I'd love to work with you.

I welcome your feedback
Let me know if you have questions or comments about vision or dreams or EFT, or if there is a specific topic you'd like me to address next time. If you have a friend who'd benefit from this newsletter, feel free to pass it along, and send me their email so they'll be sure to get next month's issue. I'd enjoy hearing from you. Have a great May!

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