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Mid-November 2014 Dreamer Sight Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous middle of November to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me eating breakfast with a friend, in goofy bloodshot eyeball earrings I wore just to make her laugh. My attention on my food, I hadn't realized she was taking my picture. I wonder if my slight frown is from trying to eat and also listen. It's getting harder and harder for me to split my focus!

Today's issue has 2 articles, one on EFT and how you might react to it, and one on vision with some simple healthy habits. Enjoy!

EFT: How will I respond in an EFT session?
yawn cartoon For some people EFT is their first experience of energy work. They may only be accustomed to traditional medical treatment where they're drugged unconscious until the procedure is over, not feeling a thing. An EFT session can be a very different process, as often the client can feel the energy moving when it starts clearing a former blockage.

EFT tapping can cause people to feel extra heat in their bodies, or even to start to perspire. Other folks may experience a tingling or a pins-and-needles sensation as the energy moves. This often happens when targeting a particular area of pain, say one with a previous injury.

One of the most common reactions I see during EFT is yawning. The client may apologize, as if I think she's being rude or is bored, but this is perfectly natural. I think the extra-deep inhale of a yawn brings in fresh oxygen to help the energy keep traveling. One funny reaction to EFT is burping! I've seen this less often than yawning. Again, no apology is necessary -- your body is naturally starting to heal and to release what it no longer needs.

If you're unfamiliar with EFT, you'll find a brief overview here, so you can learn more about it.

Vision: Simple habits to keep your eyes healthy
 hih five When people find out I'm a natural vision teacher, their first reaction is often an apologetic or defensive "I know I spend too much time at the computer...", as if they're confessing to the Vision Police! Don't be so hard on yourself. You may already be doing a lot right for your eyes, and some minor changes could move you in an even more positive direction.

Like any healthy mind or body practice, a large part of taking care of your eyes is simply paying attention to them. How do they feel -- alert and rested and moist, or weary and like they're overdue for a break? There's nothing wrong with spending time at the computer, but not if it's several hours straight without looking at anything farther away than your monitor screen.

One other place extra attention may be needed is with your blinking. The healthy eye blinks every few seconds. We can unconsciously stare, looking at nothing with brain and eyes not connected, when deeply involved in a thinking task. Also notice whether you are sufficiently hydrated, especially in this colder windier climate in the Northern Hemisphere. Much of the common condition of Dry Eye can be eliminated or reduced with more awareness and better habits.

To read more about my healthy vision habits, click here.

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