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Mid-October 2014 Dreamer Sight Newsletter

Hello, and an ongoing outstanding October to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above is cropped from a group of close friends sitting with me. I'm reasonably calm, and my eyes are open, which was not always the case in pictures. I used to want to hide, not be seen!

In this colder weather, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, make sure you spend some time with friends too. We all need community. Today's issue has 2 articles, one about vision and the time it takes to see improvement. The other is about over-focusing on details, as it affects both thinking and vision. Enjoy!

Vision Improvement: How long will it take?
Are we there yet? As soon as I start talking to folks about improving their eyesight or reducing the strength of their eyeglasses or eliminating their eyestrain, this question arises. In our quick-fix culture, people want immediate results, even though they may have had restricted vision for many years.
Part of how to keep from obsessing about not being "there" yet is to notice small improvements, perhaps fewer headaches or a looser neck or that the room seems brighter than it used to (because your eyes are letting in more light).

To read more about my personal experience with wanting to get to the finish line, click here.

I've mentioned EFT before as one of the tools I've used to help reduce my anxiety, whether it's about seeing clearly or something else. If you're unfamiliar with EFT, you'll find a brief description here, so you can better understand its power.

The Brain and Vision: Details or the big picture?
monitor image One simplistic explanation of common vision problems is that nearsighted folks tend to over-focus on details at the expense of a broader view, while far-sighted or hyperopic folks miss the details and see only the big picture. Clearly for good vision, we need both!

It's interesting to me to notice the related styles of thinking and attention. Near-sighted thinking (which is even called "myopic"!) can churn on the tiniest detail, when sometimes a more panoramic view would be useful.

To read about an experience of mine with missing the big picture, click here.

How are YOU?
If you've been a client of mine, and we haven't connected in a while, I'd love to know how you're doing. How is it going with your vision improvement, or your dreaming, or whatever issues we've worked on together in the past? Or perhaps some new challenges have arisen for you, and you'd like to tell me about those. As the saying goes, don't be a stranger!

This is equally true if we haven't worked together yet. Let me know what's happening with you, and how you think I can help. I care about each one of you.

Please send me your questions and comments
Let me know what you're curious about concerning vision or dreams or EFT. I may write a short article addressing that very topic. Enjoy the remainder of this abundant month of October. I'll write again in a few weeks. Take care!

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