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Mid-September 2014 Dreamer Sight Newsletter

Hello, and a marvelous mid-September to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The picture above is me dancing with my energy medicine student friends before the start of a workshop. I'm using it to remind you of the necessity of having fun while you learn, and also of how important it is to move your body. With the colder weather coming in the Northern Hemisphere, we can get more sedentary, and the body and vision and attitude suffer as a result. Feel the joy of movement -- it is a glorious gift to be in a human body. Celebrate that!

Today's issue has an article about vision, and one about a small dream which led to a big healing for me. Enjoy!

Vision: Family programming about your eyesight
Many people assume limited vision is inherited, that if your parents need glasses, you will too. What may be "inherited" is family habits of straining one's eyes, or habits of poor nutrition and poor posture, or beliefs that it's difficult to see after dark or in very bright light, or that seeing well is "work" and a struggle. The eyes and brain need high-quality nutrients, good circulation, adequate hydration, and positive thoughts to function at their best, just like the rest of the body does!

Might you have absorbed some family "truth" about your vision which isn't true for you any longer, and is holding you back from improving? To read about my personal experience with this, click here.

In the linked article just referenced, I say I used some EFT ("tapping") to help resolve my feelings about discouraging family comments regarding my eyesight. If you're unfamiliar with EFT, you'll find a brief description here, so you can better understand its power.

Dreams: Don't scoff at a "mere" dream fragment -- it could be a gem!
Sometimes we wake up with just a scrap of a dream in our mind. It might only be a brief glimpse of a scene, or a single sound, or even a faint fragrance. We may be tempted to dismiss this, but my dream teacher Robert Moss tells us that exploring these small dream scraps is well worthwhile, and can often lead to some surprising new understanding. I have found this to be true for myself.

To read about my recent rich experience with a dream fragment, click here.

I welcome your questions and comments
Let me know what you're curious about concerning vision or dreams or EFT. I'd be glad to write a short article for you. Enjoy the remainder of this rich month of September, welcoming all the learning and pleasure it brings your way. You'll hear from me again in a few weeks. Take care!

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