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Mid-summer 2014 Dreamer Sight Newsletter

Hello, and Abundant Almost-August to you!
Welcome back to my newsletter if you are a "regular", and a special welcome if you are new. You'll read about my passions and my work here, helping folks with their vision (much more than merely eyesight!), with their dreams, and coaching them toward more abundance in their lives. Enjoy, and feel free to send me feedback. I'd love to hear from you.

The picture above is a view of the Santa Catalina Mountains as the sun sets behind me. I love the lighting here, looking like a Land of Magic is ahead, although I may have to fly to reach it when I get to the end of the footpath! Is there magic in your future? Perhaps working with me could bring you closer to it.

Vision: what does 20/20 really mean?
In a vision improvement forum I follow, we have frequent discussions about the benefits of practicing with an eye chart. I avoided working with the chart myself for several years. Since my vision was so poor, all the chart told me was that I couldn't see! Why would I want to continually face that?

The standard 20/20 measure of visual acuity just means you can see at 20 feet what someone with very good vision can see at 20 feet. (Vision improvement lore has it that the original model of very good eyesight was an assistant of Dr. Bates' with excellent vision.) In countries where the metric system is dominant, this is expressed as 6/6, since 6 meters is about 20 feet. So 20/40 means you can see at 20 feet what someone with excellent vision can see at 40 feet -- your vision is half as good as his. 20/40 vision is legal for driving in all states of the USA. Some people have exceptional vision, maybe 20/15 or even 20/10.

Measuring your vision regularly at home with an eye chart is an easy way to monitor improvement, as long as you don't get obsessed about it and see every session with the chart as a test. If your vision without glasses is poor enough that having it 20 feet away means you can barely see anything (as mine was when I started), simply move closer to the chart. Straining and struggling to see is not helpful, to your eyes or your attitude!

You can find free eye charts, or "Snellen charts" online to print. Or you can order an inexpensive laminated chart like you'd find in an eye doctor's office. I have a large one I sometimes take outside to use in the sunlight, since natural light is the absolute best for seeing clearly. Rather than get caught up in how fast you're improving, just notice what's happening with your eyes, and mind, and emotions, while you let your gaze easily travel over the letters. You might be surprised what you learn about yourself!

When I started practicing with the chart on a regular basis, I was amazed at how strongly my emotional state affected the clarity of what I could see. So now my focus (ha ha!) is as much on keeping myself calm, centered, peaceful, and happy as it is on improving my vision.

Making sense of a scary dream
A lovely woman who works at my financial institution told me of an upsetting dream from 20 years ago. She dreamed a fierce snarling black dog was lunging at her, and woke up from her nap in a panic. Her heart was pounding wildly -- she'd been afraid of dogs since she was a child. Shortly afterwards the coroner's office called to inform her of her husband's death from a car accident.

The first thing I told her is that the true expert on her dreams is herself, that some wiser part of her knows exactly what message this dream intended to impart. I said if this were my dream, I might think the scary black dog represented Death, since for most people the idea of Life ending is terrifying. She agreed, and we discussed how Death is just a transition, not an ending -- she was well aware of this from her Buddhist studies.

This wise woman said the memory of this dream kept returning and scaring her again, so "I knew I had to change my thoughts and get rid of the fear". She realized she was in control of her mind -- I loved this! She had already been doing some personal work on her fears, and extended this to the dream. I offered that sometimes it's worthwhile to re-enter a dream, just like going into a different room, to look around and gather more information, or possibly affect the situation. Perhaps she could communicate with the black dog, or even transform it to something friendlier.

We ended our talk, in between waiting for her computer to tell her about my credit history, with me giving her a very brief EFT ("tapping") demo, to use in case her fear rises up again. She told me with a smile that the credit site reported I had no liabilities. I feel like the same is true of her, that she has all the tools she needs now.

If you're unfamiliar with EFT, you'll find a brief description here, so you can better understand its power.

Vision and EFT
A new vision client filled out my pre-session Vision Session Agreement Form, listing a few different concerns about her eyesight. What really leaped out at me from what she wrote, though, was how worried she was that she might lose her sight one day. Reading is one of her main passions, and is also central to her job. So the thought of losing her ability to recognize and understand written words was understandably very upsetting.

During our session we discussed some vision relaxation practices, and healthier less stressful ways she could use her eyes. Then we did some EFT ("tapping") on her fear that her vision would get worse. Afterwards I could see how much more relaxed she was about this issue, smiling easily and looking happy. She had let go of most of her anxiety about her eyesight getting worse. She also had some tools now to help her treat her eyes in a healthier more loving way, including the recording of our session to tap along with again.

Limited time offer: how can my work benefit you?
Until the middle of August, I'm offering half-hour "discovery sessions", for only $89, to introduce my work to more people. If you've never worked with me before, and are curious about a Dream or Vision or EFT Coaching session, consider this your opportunity! If you haven't worked with me in a while and just want a short half-hour "tune-up" session, you can take advantage of this too. Also, feel free to pass this offer along to any friend or relative or colleague whom you think would be helped by my work.

Send me a note to let me know you're interested, so we can schedule your discovery session. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to working with you!

What's next for me?
At the beginning of August I'll be participating in an energy medicine workshop not too far from here. I'm looking forward to connecting with fellow students, many of whom have become good friends, and meeting some new folks, as well as practicing, learning, and possibly helping to teach our healing techniques.

For the remainder of July and during most of August I'll be working with folks who want discovery sessions (see the section immediately above). I'll also be enjoying the winding down of the summer season in NY, before gearing up for a busy September. It is so pleasant to be outside this time of year here -- not only is my vision clearer, I can feel my entire energy field expand. Try to find some time to enjoy the out-of-doors yourself, wherever you live. It's so good for you!

I welcome your comments and questions
Let me know what you're curious about regarding vision or dreams or EFT, or if there is a specific topic you'd like me to focus on next time. If you have a friend who'd benefit from this newsletter, feel free to pass it along, and send me their email so they'll be sure to get the next issue. I'd be delighted to hear from you. Enjoy the end of your July and the start of your August -- there's no time like the present to celebrate being alive.

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