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End of November 2014 Dreamer Sight Newsletter

Hello, and an easygoing end of November to you!
Welcome, or welcome back, to my newsletter. The photo above shows me beaming with joy at the opening and transformation of a friend I cherish from Scotland whom I don't see very often. If you are proud of someone in your life, let her know!

Today's issue has 2 articles. The first is on dreams which show you behaving in a way you normally wouldn't. The second article is about EFT and the occasional side effect of tears. Enjoy!

Dreams: I'm not like that when I'm awake!
being pushed cartoon People have asked me why their behavior in dreams is so different from who they consider themselves to be. Recently I dreamed my beloved partner pointed out a "bad guy", and I promptly bit off the villain's finger! I don't think I'm any danger to the public (big grin!), just that I trust my man and his judgment completely and am fiercely determined to keep us safe.

If you see yourself behaving in a dream in a way which troubles you, perhaps being cruel or uncaring, especially if this happens often, it's worth exploring. Are you so frustrated with a life situation that you dream of screaming at or punching your boss, or your controlling relative? If your dreams are sending you this strong message about how you really feel, as hard as you might be trying to "make nice", it's time to see what you can do to shift the dynamic. Unexpressed emotions, when allowed to fester, can make you sick.

On the other hand, you may see yourself behaving in dreams in a way which excites you, giving a speech in front of a big audience when you have crippling stage fright! Rather than dismiss this as "only a dream", hanging onto your fear which is so familiar, consider that it might actually happen someday. My dream teacher Robert Moss says our dreams show us our possible future, which we can either keep steering toward, or change our actions to steer away from. You're at the helm of your Life, so why not make it as satisfying as you can?

To read more about dream and waking behavior differing, click here.

EFT: Why do I sometimes cry during an EFT session?
 crying child In the previous newsletter I wrote about common reactions to EFT, yawning or feeling heat moving through the body as the energy shifts. One other response which can be troubling to newcomers is crying. The culture is often not supportive of emotional expression, so we can get in the habit of suppressing our "inappropriate" reactions automatically. Big boys don't cry!

If we're uncomfortable with our own sadness, we may unknowingly encourage the denial of it in others. Well-meaning parents may tell a child that Grandma is happy in Heaven now, so there is no reason to cry. This invalidates the child's grief, and could teach her not to trust her own feelings.

During EFT tapping, as the stuck energy starts moving and blocks start to soften, anger or frustration may turn to sadness. The client might remember an earlier time when he or she felt powerless, or was mistreated, and start to cry. Keep tapping! If these are the tears of the child who wasn't allowed to cry "back then", let it come up now so you can move past it. As an adult you have the tools to handle it. Continue to tap, and it will release.

If you're unfamiliar with EFT, you'll find a brief overview here.

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